Fri, May 25, 2012 at 8:42 AM

And when it falls down who ya gon call now??

I would love to say everything is perfect and I'll know where I'll be tomorrow but I can't! My prayers and thanks go out to God for everything thing he has done n yet to do! My twenties have been full of unimportant people and money. I hate when I like money more than people but some people will never give you everything you need. In order to survive you have to find integrity and confidence in yourself to get up and try to obtain your goals. Everyday I wake up I'm thankful for my life. I give the day many smiles and when I'm on the clock at my 9-5 I'm very grateful! But whose to say that's my only financial blessing... Opportunities are endless!!! I don't know where anyone else finds their strength but I turn to The bible for mine. God sends me in the right direction and I walk that road without any worries! I also listen to my favorite rapper Nicki Minaj who always puts my skirt on straight:). When your down what do you do???

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