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By: MegaBarb.

Hello Barbz and Kenz! This is my first blog, NOT my last since I'm into writing. Anyways, I must start out with saying I love Team Minaj, but I have seen things lately that I find very upsetting within Team Minaj. To many Barbz and Kenz are starting to think they "work harder" or "do more for Nicki" than others. Even if they do more promoting Nicki appreciates any kind of help from her Barbz and Kenz, just being a fan is enough. We HAVE to stop the agruing and catiness going on in our team we are a TEAM, do you think Young Money fights like this? No ONE Barb or Ken is better than another, we are all here for the same thing, Nicki, lets keep it that way. We are like a family and familys support each other. There is one big dog, one person in charge, one HB, and thats Nicki, we are all her followers, and are all equal.
I'm sorry to go on a rant in my first blog, but we need to fix the problems and become a tighter group with more support and respect toward each other. I love all my fellow Barbz and Kenz, and Nicki herself. (:

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