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Hmmm.. *Thinks*
1. Can we have a section that has (correct) song lyrics.
2. A place for all the vlogs past and future.
3. An archive for ALL of Nicki's (written) interviews past & future.
4. More organisation in the photo gallery. Photoshoots/performances/Candids/Award shows/music vid screen shots/outtakes/etc & date/event/location/year. With a search tool if possible :)
5. Update the music vid gallery.
6. Some contests.
7. Some Nicki quizzes & games. (Good ones, cuz there are TOO MANY of these on the web -> e.g. "What is Nikki Manaj's real Name a) Nikki Manaj b) Onica Manaj c) Onika Miraj" -_- With different levels (easy for New barbz, extremely hard for the seasoned barbz + points :) )
8. Update the profile page layout & make it easier to customize.
9. Is there a way to change your username without having to create a new account? If not, is that something you can add?
10. Report for spam/Block/Flag/destroy button, cuz some of the crazies on here have to go.
11. An interview section. Can you add more/all of her video interviews and also add her audio interviews.
12. An icon that lets us know who is currently online.
13. Just a general different layout, more futuristic and shiny.
14. A more mobile friendly version of the site for phone access.
15. Can we make the points relevant as well? (this actually might fall into the section below)
16. Can you put a good quality version of the E! special she did in 2011 up if possible?

The Dream Section. This is the section for things I would LOVE, but I highly doubt the ppl who run the site have any control over. :( But still here it goes:

1. A new blog from Nicki monthly. (doesn't have to be long, just something cute)
2. Chats with Nicki via a new and improved mpf chat room (every like 2-4 months or so.)
3. Some more footage that couldn't fit on the re-up DVD in the new vlog section. :)
4. Studio footage of her recording PF/PFRR/PFRRTRU/PinkPrint also in the new vlog section ^_^
5. Pink Friday Diaries (yank them from facebook and publish them here) and beg Nicki to do "Pink Print diaries" when the next era begins.
6. In the song lyric section & a breakdown of the lyrics, their meanings (& possibly a short explanation of the inspiration behind them.)
7. An exclusive MPF interview with Nicki every 4 - 6 months.

All of that would be awesome :) lol

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    Nice ideas !

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