Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 6:47 PM


GOOD LORD! NICKI HAS LIKE TOTALLY DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH LIKE WTF?! LMAOO OK WELL I EXAGGERATED A LIL BUT... SHE HAS NOT TWEETED - RETWEED - POSTED NOTHIN! ZILCH! NADA! I know she's a busy woman especially with all the work she putting in wid them video nshit but damn! Let us know your alive NICKI! #TeamMinaj about to loose there Gah Damn mind over on twitter! And SB Over there tweeting all this sad stuff- not the usually funny ignant shit... I had to ask him if he was depressed. LIKE ITS 2011! FRESH START! But back to the point Nicki we love and miss you so can u just at least tweet "dot" (.) or "Hi" or RT something so we know ur kool. Im not even gonna bother over ustream cause i know u probably stressed as fuck! But Keep ya head up HB and keep dem vids coming! I can't w8 till M4L drops! xoxoxoxxx ........... - Nessa (@NessZolanski)

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