Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 2:25 PM

Fans, Stans & Team Minaj

I haven't written a blog in a while so here goes. Is there a difference between fans, stans & TM... Yup there is. There are randoms who just like music general and LIKE maybe on or two of nicki songs. The Fans are people who LOVE Nicki's music and find her entertaining but ain't actually gonna go crazy hard for hard for her. A STAN & TEAM MINAJ... NOW WE GO FUCKING HARD. A Stan/TM will always go EXTRA hard for nicki. And in our eyes Nicki could do no wrong. Stan/TM support EVERYTHING nicki does and loves HER not just her music. Nicki could stand outside the subway and recite the alphabet and I WILL BUY THAT SHIT simply because I support her
and any and everything she does. There is a slight difference between STANING & TEAM MINAJ to me it's only slight though. Cause in the end Team Minaj ARE STANS too but the difference (in my opinion) is we're like a family and we go hard together for nicki together as well as individually (e.g making radio shows, fan appreciation videos, etc). But a STAN is more singular. I fell in love with Nicki when I first saw that Dead Wrong freestyle on myspace during my french class in early 08 and became a STAN (not a fan, not commonfolk) shortly after When I first heard higher than a kite. I made sure to keep up to date on every mixtape, feature, every performance, interview and always stayed up for them CLASSIC (non-recorded) Ustreams!

...I will only say I became part of the rest of the stans (TeamMinaj) for about just over a year. And I never regretted it. The best thing I love about being part of a team is simply for the fact that we understand each other because I'm sure we all have experience people tryna understand how comes we love nicki so much. TBH I'm tired of having to explain or defend the reason why I stan for her so much. Me personally, When I love or become really passionate about anything I go extra hard for it or them and with me that's only ever been, my music writing, Nicki and I think that's about it. I'm a fan of many artist and music but I am only a STAN for Nicki Minaj and I love the team that I STAN with. - Nessa (@NessZolanski)

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