Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 6:04 PM

MY favorite Nicki verses :)

(I posted the line, then the Nicki song/feature it comes from, ENJOY)

“If I eat it then everybody gonna order that, everything I do these bxtches wishing they done thought of dat!” -Take It Off

“When we pull up at the light, why everything else get left? Why they screwin up they face, why they lookin a hot mess?” –Girlfriend

“Im like 5’2”, my SAT scores was high too! But I don’t wanna brag, I Louis Vuitton bagged him, hopped out the Jag, proceeded to sha-shagged em’.”- Fxxk You Silly

“You know these bxtches easy, I got that cold flu, I got that itchy-sneezy, you in that Mitsubishi, I’m in that Bentley GT, I’m takein trips wit papi, you walkie-talkie Copy?”- Mi Casa Tu Casa

“I was in da chair, I was gluein my weave in. when YOU hit da stage, they was booing and leaving!” – 5 Star Chick

“Get that sloppy toppy roger copy i be runnin shxt, money in the air its a festival cause i ba ba ba ba ball no txsticales”- Shakin it for Daddy

“Excuse me? What happened? Im flyer than a Ra-ven. Im flyer then an Eagle yeah Donovan Mc-a-Nabb-an”- Shakin it for Daddy

“Now lets go, Mexico, that’s where we next to go, do him like his mama, make him eat his vegetables”- Sxx in Crazy Places

These are only SOME of my favorites. There’s plenty more:)

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