Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 11:44 PM

Still I Rise/Dear Old Nicki

I was recently watching some of Nicki's old videos, such as "Click Clack", "Watchu Know" and "Jump Off 07". Nicki speaks some real shit, and I realized when i first became a fan, I wasnt hip to all her old stuff. Either way, I noticed how Nicki has reeeealy grown up since Playtime is Over, and Suka free. She was still a beast back then tho! She has matured, and changed alot, and shes gotten better, style wise, public speaking wise, and with her verses. Shes still the best female spitta to ever do it, but I like how she's changed. I was recently watching this video where she said "Go Hard" was the realist lyrics she ever wrote, and although I agree, "Still I Rise" has got to be some of Nicki's realest, most touching lyrics. This is when she was really breaking out, and the haters were coming from every way. But Nicki didnt stop, and Still I Rise is a perfect example of how strong she is, and thats how she got where she is today.
Some guy on youtube made a video of collective pictures, that I thought was tiiight, and its a video of "Still I Rise"
It really got me thinking of how Old Nicki and New Nicki really are completely different, but in a way, New Nicki Combines both. Its hard to explain, but idk . Nicki is just so real and she continues to show us barbs how she can do anything, makeing us believe we too can do anything =) i love you Nicki.

By the way, Here's the Still I Rise video that the guy made

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