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OPI Nail Polish Contest

Hey does anyone know who won that OPI Nicki Minaj Nail Polish Contest?? I was just wondering, cuz i wanted to read their rap.

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    On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 6:10 PM, DaneMomsRox said:


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    On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 8:15 AM, iAMJCdC said:

    OPI Rap - Nicki Minaj Collection Winners
    by OPI on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 3:44pm
    Thank you to everyone who participated in the OPI rap contest. We hope you had as much fun writing your rhymes as we did reading over 820+ entries. Just like other contests, we are blown away by the talent in our fan base. If your name and rhyme appear below then please email your home mailing address to [email protected] CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS.

    Top Winner: Nicki Minaj collection and autographed CD

    Tiffany LaTrice

    This one's for the girls rockin' OPI
    Got her nails A1 so you know she fly
    When she walk up in the place she be breakin' necks
    And she got that bank like she takin' checks
    OPI, it's fly, it's such a good buy
    It's promising in quality and stunning to the eye
    It's made, displayed, it doesn't quickly fade
    A lot of unique colors with a lot of different shades
    I can never get enough-nough
    It's my favorite stuff stuff
    Never let it scuff scuff
    OPI is tough tough
    Chance of finding better now is pretty slim
    Cuz OPI is now endorsed by Nicki M!
    I said, excuse me OPI is the BEST
    I mean there's no competition, say goodbye to the rest
    And I must confess that I'm REALLY impressed
    My nails are always looking fab as you probably have guessed
    Yes, I did, yes I did,
    OPI to my nails, is like a toy to a kid!
    I'm a Nicki Minaj barb, so I HAVE to have some
    And just like her album my nails stay PLATINUM! :)

    Additional Winners: Nicki Minaj Collection

    Ana Maria Gomez
    Check out all the colors, I can't resist
    When hittin' up salons, I must insist
    That I grab myself some OPI
    Because that's the brand that makes my nails so fly
    Shades, colors, textures, finish,
    No chips, no fade, nothing will diminish
    So, I've gotta thank Suzi, 'cause she's my girl
    Without her we wouldn't have these colors to rock our world
    And George is the man, 'cause he started it all
    He's the head of OPI, and he's got shots to call
    Each new collection multiples my selection
    I really love them all, I can't hide my affection
    And Nicki's collab now is the freshest yet,
    As soon I heard, I had to get my hands on this set.
    All these new shades are dazzlin' my eyes
    So, I'm really hoping that I will win the prize!

    Renee Savory

    BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG COLOR when Nicki Minaj steps on the stage
    Listen closely Barbs, don’t you dare turn the page
    OPI, Miss Minaj
    We got our polish entourage
    It’s a glitter-neon exposition
    We SHATTER all the competition
    Getting all these haters wishin
    They had our polish ambition
    PRINCESSES RULE, but we be OPI Queens
    With our manicures, we ain't tens - we're nineteens
    Call me Kate Middleton cause I look like I'm DATING A ROYAL
    to OPI and Nicki minaj i'm eternally loyal
    Start buying OPI or face a "Monster Attack"
    You’re not wearing OPI, YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES!
    with OPI my manicure last longer than Kardashian's marriage
    get me in MY PRIVATE JET or in my horse and carriage
    With this verse I think we DID IT ON EM
    Nails so bright, you might go blind
    Hear out flow and you’ll be saying
    TEASEY DOES IT, “Renee squared” just BLUE MY MIND

    Anna Belanger

    OPI plus Nikki Minaj/ is this for real or is it just a mirage?/Get my nails did in the hottest shades/ it never chips and it never fades/Your mani got my heartbeat runnin' away/If I had em right now I'd be stunnin' today!
    Can't wait to paint/All the haters gonna faint/ Nikki's our manicure patron saint/ OPI off the hook, show no restraint/ The same old shades, you bet these ain't.
    With the bubblegum pink and the sour apple green/ The sweetest tones I've ever seen/ the purple will shatter and the glitter will shine/ I really wish I could make them all mine /So Nikki and Suzi, please hear my cry/ and send me some of this OPI!!

    Aaspen Miller

    O to the P to the little i
    OPI's the best polish i've ever tried!
    Stays on all day, nev'a fades away, or chips off like OLD China Glaze
    NO Essie, NO Zoya, NO Chi for me
    OPI only on these hands and feet
    All the colors and the styles that I need
    Nothing compares to their QUALITY
    They stay on track, competition is WACK
    My nails stay fresh with "SuperBass" thats PHAT
    OPI blaze them into misery
    All other BRANDS fall off like a TRAGEDY

    Meryl Boynton

    Founded by George Schaeffer in 1981
    After the debut of OPI all the other nail polish companies were done
    From suedes to mattes to my favorite silver shatter
    For a true polish addict the price of the bottle doesn't matter
    Unique rich colors that are always chip free
    For the newest collection, Nicki Minaj is the celebrity
    An eye popping pink, a purple shatter that shimmers
    For the best contest yet there are only 3 winners
    If I'm one of the lucky ones, the polishes won't go to waste
    I'll flash my freshly manicured nails as I jam out to Superbass

    Kristina Ong

    Sittin’ at my desk on a Friday morn
    It’s party night tonight, but oh-! I’m torn
    Nails are unfiled
    Beige is too mild
    Can’t rock up to the club without bein’ styled

    So I raid my stash for something hot
    Gotta use the Minaj OPIs I just bought
    Silvery glitz?
    Or neon blitz?
    But if you’re channelling Nicki, everything fits

    So I glitter my toes and neon my tips
    Jazz that hair, brighten up my lips
    But wait, stop!
    Not enough pop!
    It’s only Nicki Minaj with “Super Bass” (shatter) on top!

    Uzma Arshad

    Mic check, Mic check,
    One two, one twoo
    Its OPI snitches, Uzi, and Nicki Minaj too!
    Cute face, slim waist but her nails, they sickk
    Yeah other lacquers they hot, but OPI.. Electric!
    Glittered, shattered, painted, and primed
    Nicki's new collection is comin home, its all mine!
    Purples, pinks, blues, and greens
    This collabo got game like you aint everr seen!
    At the office or school, im rockin OPI every hue
    And before I blow these haters a kiss, ima tellem
    " Its OPI.. so get a nice view" ;)

    Alex Kenny

    Got an opi collection
    Some call it an obsession
    63 bottles of polish in my possession
    Never heard of the recession
    Love every single color
    can't pick a favorite shade
    Buying out the store
    Every time that I get paid
    Lincoln Park After Dark
    So Many Clowns, So Little Time
    I love OPI so much
    that it makes me wanna rhyme
    Walk into the salon
    all the bottles saying 'pick me'
    I'll take "Pink Friday" by my
    main chick, Nicki!

    Alana Deslippe

    This one is for the girls with the fancy nails
    Show off your shatter when your dancing, nails
    When their up in the club, ya’ll be gazin’ up
    And if you want that colour you be savin’ up

    And their bomb, their long nail envy makes them strong
    They tap on the table to the beat of that song
    They wink, their pink, match the color of my drink
    Point them at that boy and he can’t even think
    Use a base or top, top, dry it with that drop, drop
    Sparkle makes them pop, pop, other girls will stop, stop
    They wanna know why your nails be lookin so fly
    And you tell em cause you be using that O-P-I!

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