Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Hair, Glam, Money, NickiMinaj.

To Nicki Minaj;

All I care is my Hair, Glam, Money, And NickiMinaj, All I care is my hair, glam, money nd nickiminaj, Umm let me take a sec....(1 sec laterz) Ok yea she miqqht have done this nd tht dosen't mean yew can hate now plz don't take my my man cuz thann, Ummm I go to hate UMMM LET ME see noww yoo face, yoo goods, nd NOW IM HOOD SO BITCHES dont faze me nd yew'll never try to, but 1 THING HAVE TO SAY BUT I GOTTA DO UM DAMM SHE TO FINE TO HAVE A PLAYA FROM THA WEST SIDE NEVER GET TO HIZZIE CUZ BITCHES ND THA HATAS TOO FIZZY BUT DAMM I 1 MILLION TIMES WORST THAN THT SO BITCH YEW KANT FAZE ME OR TRY TO BE ME CUZ I SWEAR YEW FCKK IT UPP ND THANN THERES ALWAYS AAAAAAA NEW ME SO BITCH DNT TRY TO BE ME ALL I CARE IS MY HAIR,GLAM,MONEY, ND NICKI HAHA BITCH U KANT FAZE ME

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