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By: ManeBarb

First im gonna i DONT like britney now at all...i used to like her when i was like 5yrs old nd i was in love with the 'Oops i did it again' lol but now she is not the same...i have nothing against her i just dont like her so when i saw Nicki's nd Britney's tweets confirming the tour i had an AMAZING FEELING! EVEN THO I DONT LIKE BRITNEY I FELT SO PROUD OF NICKI BECAUSE SHE IS DOIN BIG THINGS. nd about the 'other thing' that we all know tht is a song...i cant wait because i know that if they make a video the MTVLatino will play it...i swear tht if i see a video of nicki on MTV i would run thru the neighborhood screaming ITS BARBIE BITCHES lol I LOVE U HB nd keep doin yr thing because u are amazing u are the bestest nd u are the QUEEN! MUCH LOVE FOR U ND FOR #TEAMMINAJ MUAAHHH!

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    On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 10:07 PM, JaviZolanskiBarb said:

    Agree (:

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