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im so in love with this man..we have been together for 4 years straight. i have one child by him and he has two of his own, that i love dearly(thank god no baby mama drama)there are times when he gets on my dam nerves!!!and then there are time when i jus cant keep my hands off of him!!he even puts up with my attitude....and when we have any problems its comes natural for us to work things out because we know that it would only make our relationship stonger!!!there was a time when he only had $1 to his name and the both of us were hungrey as he bought me a buck double from burgar king...and told me to go ahead and eat it(i insisted that he had my last bite)that situation might seem a lil petty but from that day on i knew that this man was down for me!!!im saying all this to say...if you have that one somebody in your life that has always been there and would do anything to make you happy then keep them around.dont leave them for the next hott thing because the grass is never greener on the other side!!you kno you have a good relationship if you can work through the worst situations and still be in love with that person.yes i am young and i do kno that there are plenty of men that would love to take care of me and love me...but i think ima take this one he helped me through my struggle and i will always be here to help him through his!!!
mama love you daddy!!!
-beautiful disaster


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