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Moderating Policy

By: Benicus

The roles of the moderators at My Pink Friday are to ensure that users keep a friendly and accepting atmosphere for all fans of Nicki Minaj. We are also responsible for keeping the forum tidy from spam and to keep pages and threads organised so it's accessable for the whole community.

If we believe that a thread or post is abusive, innappropriate, threatening or deemed as spam, it will deleted and the user will receive a warning. This is to ensure that behaviour (as stated in the Forum Rules) is ceased. If violation of the forum rules is repeated, the user will be banned from future use of the forum.

If we believe that a thread or post is not relevant to the room it's posted in, or that a similar thread already exists, it'll be merged accordingly without notifing the user of this decision. Keeping similar topics grouped together will ensure the continual tidiness and organisation of the forum.

The moderators spend lots of time to keep the forum in order and thus it's not always feasable to contact users regarding thread merging. We'd be grateful if all users searched for existing threads before posting a new one.

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