Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 6:44 PM


I DON'T LIKE BOYS . They're smelly and mean , I DON'T LIKE GIRLS they're bitchy and mean . I only like boys if your pretty cool , i like-like you or you money , Same goes for girls. But if you try and play me its done & over with . 0% like , .... Anyway , I'm not usually looking for a partner. I don't like girls THAT way & most boys disgust me, im usually like " ewwwwwwwwww , you have a penis .. you sweat .. you think your dominant .. EWWWWWW ! " LOL .. And unless your drop dead FETCH , im not usually the type to crush . SOOOOOOOOO , this boy.. We'll call him K . Is like super duper popular - the most popular / prettiest girls be drooling over him and im like " EWWWWWWWW , he's not cute " .. On the reall ....... he's cute . I guess it took me TWO years to realize that but now I have like this super duper crush on him .. like WOAH . lol My problem is that when I crush I crush UBER hard. TWATCHING , TEXTING 24/7 . ALWAYS WANTING TO BE AROUND U . STANNING

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