Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 8:43 PM


erghhhhhhhh ! I had a long ass day and its not even close to being finished . I woke up at 8. & went shopping with my mother all the way 3pm ! I got my school uniform thoo . Its cute & whatever . I went shoe shopping got 2 new flats . I STAY CUTE . lol ate some popeyes cus u alr3dy kn0w h0w m3 @nD m0mmy doe$ !! loooool . Im home tho :) . I cant wait til I get a G - Ride thoooooo ! It took 2 hours for the 26 to come ._. , ,, I was in that blazing suunnnn ! Now I'm gonnga take a nap and wake in a lil & go to Ivy Hilll . Keith got the free crib ;) , #PAMPAM lol

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