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Birmingham Tour - 26/06/12

To see Nicki in concert has always been one of my dreams, she's my idol so go figure, and on the 26th June I finally fulfilled that dream.
I'd been excited since we, me and my best friend Lizzie, bought the tickets to go and see her. And when the night finally came we were too excited for our own good. My dad picked us up and took us to the NIA arena and we had to try and find which queue we had to get in, which was manic. The queues for the standing were so long, thank god we had seated.

So we went in, and the excitement started to kick in as everyone was like running around and stuff. To be honest, the seats were the last of our worries when there was a big merchandise stand there staring at us, so we raced towards it. Everything was so beautiful, I wanted to buy everything lmao. We'd already decided between both of us that we were going to buy a T-shirt, bracelet and poster (we'd looked at other people's merch before going to the show).

Then we went and sat down in our seats, which were really good! They were top middle as Nicki called them. We were 7 rows from the front (not the very front due to standing, but from the front of where the seats started) and the view was perfect!

Stooshe were the support act, and other than being a bit let down that I'd been pronouncing their name stoo-she all along and they pronounce themselves stush-ee, they were amazing! Better than I thought they were going to be, and I love their song 'Black Heart' whereas I didn't before the concert.

Then of course it was time, for the one and only NICKI MINAJ!! The crowd was going SO crazy for her, and on came a voice over the speakers, Nicki's voice. That got us all hyper and excited, then the curtain dropped and she was stood there. I think at that point I died and went to heaven ok.

I'm not going to type out everything about it incase other people are still yet to go and I don't want to ruin it for them, but wow it was so amazing! Although I'm SO jealous of the barbz who got to go up on stage with Nicki, but I'm so so happy for them too!!

Thankyou for an amazing night, Nicki. Can't wait to do it all over again in October.


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