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When I met Nicki Minaj

I met nicki on December 3rd 2012 at about 12 or 1am in the morning ? lol from Brisbane, Australia

that day, i met nicki after her concert had finished, it was my first concert..but first let me just say. Best concert experience ever!! like i was so full of happiness & excitedness.. it felt so good to sing & scream so fucking loud & know every word,lyric to every song nicki performed.. i lost my voice the next day haha.. * meanwhile*.. looking around me though. like deadass there were so many people with they mouths closed,..i was thinking like wtf ? dont you guys know the words? why come to a concert if your just going to stand there so quietly & just look blank? lol.. so i guess you could call those people motherfucken CF's !!!..i dont know i guess i expected to see a lot more people who were around me in my section going crazy, especially because of the fact, we were in the moshpit, right in front by the stage so like come on ?? lol..
Anyway nicki never sold V.I.P tickets or Meet & Greets, so i took my chances & waited back for her after the concert behind the back of the venue with about 20 others who waited. She drove out in a black van & stopped but didnt get out right away, took her about 5 minutes? so we were all wondering if it was nicki, cause Tyga was with her that night as well. so didnt know who it was, but the moment that door opened & she stepped out !OMG it was life ..a dream come true. my idol was standing in front of me..we took group photos & i was next to her, i asked her for a hug & she gave me a hug, i asked her for a marker & she made her security get a marker, & i was the first person to get stuff signed ( she signed my re-up album & YMCMB hat).. she held my hand .. she was about to leave & then i said to her" nicki i hope you liked it here in brisbane" then she turned around & stayed longer & told me she loved it & had a great time..altogether she stayed with us for 10-15 minutes & then left. that whole time i was always right next to her. shes lovely, sweet, down to earth, cute, so little lol. Best night of my life, Hope i can meet her again one day :)

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