Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 7:17 AM

Nicki's New Material (mostly stupid Hoe) My Thoughs.....

First if you haven't seen the new Nicki video "stupid Hoe" check it out first before continuing to read.(link below)

Now Read....

I personally think this is all for the fun of it and there is some things you have to understand,one you'll never be fully understood by anyone and two your jokes and just for play "fun" tracks maybe in that same misunderstood category.Stop being so serious barbs and non-barbs about the recent material. i'll admit it wasn't what I expected either but when I took the serious out and relaxed and had fun about the tracks I've been hearing from Nicki it made sense. Like she is fun and unpredictably.

Isn't that what we like about her? her ability to be fresh, different, unpredictable, fun (which is something she stated always want to be and do), and wild, hasn't this method kept us on our toes with her. I mean if she became predictable wouldn't that be boring. Like don't you like this feeling she always gives you? or did you like Nicki because of the hype around her? Ya know it's actually kind of funny now to read the comment on youtube about the new material and video. How? because a lot of people who said they get it really and truly don't. you never did. When I first found out about Nicki and got a chance to listen to her speak I thought to myself, she gets it, to see her in the MTV documentary Nicki Minaj: My Time Now and listen to her say she understand I believed her. She proved that to me. That is why I can put money into her pockets and take the judgement from others with a smile on my face.

See she is the voice of the brand that has always been here, but never had a speaker in the fore front to explain why we do what we do, and its hard to be in that position because when the stones get tossed and the nasty comments flow they hit the Head/speaker HER not us. That is why she needs support,love, and understanding.

get it yet? ........
.... that is all.....

hahahahaha... ...

now im done :) *head tilt

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