Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 1:03 AM

Main Reason to love Nicki

One day it just seemed like everybody in my life was against me. I just felt like dying so I went into my kitchen and got a knife. I was ready to slit my wrists LITERALLY but I had Pink Friday playing. Fly started to play and I just started listening to the lyrics and I began crying. When listening, I got the point to just keep going, fuck everybody else. It doesn't matter what anybody has to say. Just rise above what everybody else is saying. The line "They got they guns out aiming at me but I become Neyo when they aiming at me, me, me, me against them, me against enemies, me against friends. Somehow they both seem to become one, sea full of sharks and they all smell blood, they start coming and I start rising" That whole section of that song made me stop and think that maybe I can still go on. No matter what anybody has to say. I can keep going, I don't need anybody to get where I wanna be. I can be more than what people say I am or what I am now. I thank God for placing Nicki's music in my life when He did. I thank God for Nicki and her music. Love, NickisBoyBoy

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