Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 2:13 AM


What I am wondering is why people tell us things will start to ‘Look up’ when things are bad? When I look up all I see is a ceiling ? A ceiling holding in my dreams. I look around me and I see four walls? I look down and I see a floor? I’m trapped and the only way out is the door. But even when I’m out I am still trapped. This country is smothering me? People who are trapping my feelings? Scared to say what I feel in case I am judged? What i need is to be able to look up and see sky’s filled with hight buildings. I want to be able to look around and not see my four walls but buildings and strangers. Strangers that will take one glance and not remember me? Strangers that don’t know who I am? Who don’t know my past. I want to look down and see filthy roads.. the roads that I will walk to make me happy? I want to be in a place that makes me happy ?? I need to leave.
Nothings going to stop me.
For everone that has ever hurt me.. Come 10 years time .. You bitches can all look up and see my name everywhere you go. Haunting you for everthing you have done to me.
I will never leave. Come 80 years time, You mother fuckers can all look up. Up into that sky and you WILL remember that girl you made feel like nothing.
That girl who concurred everything.
You may hold me back now.
But not FOREVER.

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