Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 2:13 AM

Reading into my thoughts, Producing text.

I’m sick of waiting; anticipating.
All the time I am thinking patiently of what I’m waiting to do next.
never live for the moment, by doing that, You’re behind the times.
-Live for what will come next, not for what is happening now.
Why cant the things I want just come to me easily? Why do my ambitions seem so far away.
I am the next generation & I feel my achievements are inaccessible.
The hard thing is being told you can’t proceed with what you want the most.
It’s even harder when you realise that this is true.
I will not be stopped, just try, see what happens
I eat, sleep and breathe my dreams.
Put me at a standstill? Welcome to your nightmare.
Most of the time, the things I say make absolute nonsense.
But thats ok, That just makes things a little more interesting.
- Brett.

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