Sun, May 12, 2013 at 12:24 AM

It's Like.. S2

it's like I fall for you more and more each day.I miss calling you my baby I miss the times we used to share. seeing you today has made my day you are soo beautiful. in my eyes you are perfect. I feel like if I had another chance I would do soo much better. I love you always and forever I want you to know that and I mean that its up to you to believe it or not. but I know I do.some day I can't get you out of my head...I'll be like what is she doing is she eating making faces acting silly or doing what she does best being herself. yeah I thinking about you sometimes its like forever but hey I can't help that. you will always be number 1. I feel like I'm a cheater but hey that's just me. you're so cute lol like I said I wanted to jump on you today like ommmgggggg give you a kiss and if you didn't like it I would stop. but if you did I would keep going satisfying you in every way possible...strap tongue .fingers whatever you want Baby it's yours.. I can't keep fighting with my feelings..I'm just being honest right now but let me stop. I Love you

:* ~Royal~

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