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it pains me to know that someone else has you. I hate that Im jealous of him......grrrrrrrrrr everything we have been through. the talks the jokes all the fun we used to have....I wished it could of stayed the same. I wanna feel your body against mine I wanna hold your hand I wanna kiss your lips I wanna feel your heart beat...and I feel like he took you away from me I hate him for that but hey that's just me :/ maybe it's my fault let me shut up :? b4 I really get in my feelings but ...
Together we may struggle
but without you all I feel is pain.
Sometimes I may seem confused
but there is one thing that will never change.
The feelings I have for you don't fade or go away.
They continue to grow stronger each day with every kiss.
Life without you is something I can't imagine.
From within my soul, it's you I'd miss.
I understand this world more then you may know.
I could believe in fate and put up a fight.
But you and I are not written.
Although there is a truth I'd like to write.
We both have scars,
with memories that can not be erased,
but together we are stronger.
In your hands my heart has been placed.
This is a choice I have made.
I understand the risk I take.
Please hold my heart dear to you.
Careful to never break.
If you do stumble or fall,
please don't forget to gather all the pieces.
It's your choice of what to do with them.
My love for you never ceases.

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