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All I want to do is feel loved eventho its not real love..when the lights go out and I'm in my bed. I think of all the madness in my head all of the things I did back then....well time to let these feelings and emotions out. I don't wanna make a name for myself am I a hoe because I have a girlfriend but still have feelings for my ex well to me you are not and ex you will always be my first and that will never change we had good times.I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with I know I'm annoying rachet and loud and can erk your nerves but that is just me and lately I don't know I guess I'm afraid of someone else comning in your life I'm not the jealous type but when it comes tou you I am shurgs why is that I ask myself and I can't come up with an answer is it love is it lust or is it my feelings telling me one thing and my body telling me something else I don't wanna plaw with your emotions like that day when u asked me did I like u or something well u should know that yes I like you..I have them days where I'm like ommmggggg if I had you back things would be better but maybe its for the best..forreal tho we have to meet in person and talk that is a must..I do want you to be happy I bet you feel like you moved on so why can't I but yeah it really wasent easy I like jumped into it to try and make u jelous but it didn't work yess that was stupid of me I know I do the most but yea..smh at myself sometimes brittany brittany brittany look what you've done...what am I going to do life is all about choices if you make the wrong one you have to learn from it and if not that's being dumb on your part but when you learn from it eventually you will make the right one either for a moment or a lifetime

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    <3 <3

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