Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 9:14 AM

Good To Be Back

Haven't been on here in a MIN! So glad to be back Alot has happened since I last logged on here properly, so much actually. Nicki's done so much stuff. She did the "I'm Out" vid with CIARA! I wanted them to collab for the longest time, like I know they did "I'm Legit" which was pure dopeness butttt Nic ain't release a vid for it /: which I wish she had, but they did a vid for I'm Out so YEY haha Umm, what else has been up. Nic released the Limited Edition Pink Friday perfume in the UK which I copped, had to :) I will post a pic of it when I update my page, so that was cool. Smells gorgeous, I like the Limited Edition & the original, couldn't choose a preference. Oh yeah & of course Nic has unveiled MINAJESTY to us can't wait for that! I'm really excited for it cos I love her perfume anyway, like since the first Pink Friday fragrance, when I knew that was coming out in the UK I was sooo HYPE & super-exciteddd for it! so I am for MINAJESTY, can't wait! I think the bottle design is super-sexy, love it, & I bet it's gonna smell super sexy & sensual too so yeah, can't wait for that, it's coming really soon! :) Minajesty's gonna look uber-sexy & mad cute on my dresser at uni. loool

Umm, Nic's also released her Beats Pink Pill & the headphones in the UK too which is awesome & I'd really like to get them, but at the moment I can't :( but hopefully soon! I'd love to get them, they're so cute & I've wanted new headphones & speakers for ages so Miss Minaj's ones would be perfect. :)

Oh yeah Nicki also followed me on Twitter :) that's another special thing that happened since I took a hiatus on here. So much has happened! That was friggin' amazing cos I was just tweeting about her perfume. I knew she was online & I did hope that she'd see my tweets but I didn't actuallllly expect her to at that moment, & the fact that she decided to follow me & I didn't even ask her to, gosh it was such a blessing, ask my mom I was shaaaaaking that morning loool & I wanted to cry. lool Nicki's the best mayn. So yeah that's another awesome thing that happened, & of course she's being doing some killer features. My favourite one at the moment other than her collab with CiCi is her collab with Mario. I think "Somebody Else" is dope. Video is dope, she looks stunning in it, love the black wig. The song is dope, her verse on it is dope, it's just pure dopeness so I think that's one of the coolest collabs she's done. :) It's been cool seeing her collab with Pharrell too :) & I lovve "Twerk It". :) "DUTTY GYAL, WHEN YUH SI MI A WAH YUH FI DO? BOW DOWN, BIG CHAIN, AN IT EAVY TUH." LMAOO LOVE. So yeah I'm feelin' Twerk It & the video, Busta's a genius anyway.

So yeaaaaahhh, I've been up to alot, Nic's been up to alot of cool stuff & I'm excited! =D It's good to be back on here though.


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