Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 8:51 AM

best day ever!

By: Lulutxx

okie dokes,
so pretty much all my school life i've just wanted to inspire people and be popular. shallow, i know but yeah who doesn't want to be admired by those around them? anyway, when i started high school i'd try to get everyone to like me and did some things i'm not too proud of, but about halfway through my second year of high school i decided to give up on that, and started doing what i wanted to do. since then i have been elected into many leadership roles and now in my senior year i am a prefect! everything i wanted to be. but i never really felt recognized until today. one of my many 'habits' i guess you can call it, is that i never walk around the school without at least one person (born of my many insecurities i've had in the past) but today i had to wait in the lunch line all by myself. it was odd. i didn't know how to just stand there, not talking. then all of a sudden one of the younger kids and his friends came up to me. he smiled and said hi to me and that he thought i was really cool!!!! after five years of high school (standard in australia, i didn't repeat or anything) i had finally been noticed!! someone i didn't know was moved by my presence in the school! i was super happy! i still am!! so this is to all of y'all who try and try and try but still don't think you've accomplished anything. keep at it! someone WILL notice! love y'all xxx

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