Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 1:03 AM

Music is...

here's a poem I wrote dedicated to nicki ,although there are other artists i listen to nicki the most :)

Music Is...
Music is a 3rd dimension
the place i go when i seek
attention.Music is my
Paradise,No matter'what type
it's always nice.
Music is...My vacation of
choice.No crying babies
or silly noise,Just the soothing
voice Jacob Latimore ir even
Torion.What about when I feel
overly confident?NICKI MINAJ,
Li'l Wayne or even Drizzy is who
I turn to. When I Feel cutesy and
adorable.The re up is my savior.
When Im sad or mad I'm Glad to
own an i pod and earphones.
Music is oxygen,Therapy.
It's family,closure,comfort,my smile.
Music is...Life


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