Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 1:02 AM

Dear Nicki , Thank You

Dear Nicki ,
I know this'll
Never reach you
I just needed to
Get this off my chest
at the moment.
I'd like to thank you
For doing so much
For me without even
knowing me .
Thank you for
Inspiring me ,and
Giving me freedom
To be me. Thank you for
Just giving this little
Girl some type of hope in
This scary world .although
not all of your material is
11 year old friendly. I look
To you as my fairy godmother,
In your case HB
Even though I'm listening
When your blaring through
my speaker it soon
becomes somewhat vice versa
When Your music stands as ears
As they listen and speak my
Poem formed thoughts.
Congrats on your success
I mean you're my first real
Let alone female role model
Who's made a name for herself
And made a brand out of it.
Around your throne sits 2 albums ,a
Clothing line ,a fragrance ,lipstick ,
head phones,speakers,earbuds
and much more merchandise and
Endorsements .here I am
thanking you and hoping your my
Future personified.Using your words
Frome your inspirational song
Save Me You Gave Me straight
gave me hope for a life time
Or at least what feels like a life time
And I just wanted to say thank you
For opening doors for me to step in
Later on in life
Love ,
Zoƫ(like zoey)

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