Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 9:04 PM


A few nights ago a "friend" asked me if I kept a diary, to which I responded no. 'Cause well I haven't kept one for several years now, my other attempts failed horribly anyways... But then it got me thinking about blogging, and this series awkward that I really enjoy. So I figured why not try blogging as an online journal?
So basically this will be my attempt to keep this going, 'cause I've got a whole lotta shit going down lately, (its ridiculous the amount of stress I've got going, for no apparent reason tho) and I've got to put it somewhere other than my brain...
Prepare for a whole lot of ranting and annoying lil fights me and... Well let's call him Caleb from now on... have and trust me there will be many. Well until he has to leave that is. Still not too sure how I feel about his inevitable departure from my life. That's a whole other story on its own tho.

Anyways, peace and love barbz

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