Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 6:05 PM

So today...

Ok so today ima take a break from the whole Caleb drama, coz he's still pretty pissed off at me. He's confusing tho, he sends me a message about how much he loves me and what not, but then he won't reply to messages, doesn't even wanna read em... So he can ma go jump of a bridge for all I care, mxm...
Anyways, so I go to uni today to register for this year, was there since 8am only left that darn place at about 3.30pm, just because of sitting in lines! They really need a new system to this whole registration process you know. Okay so while sitting in the line waiting for my turn (bare in mind we've been in this particular line for about 4hours already) we're all hearing this whole commotion going on outside, people shouting and what not and at some point the police rocked up there, we however didn't take much notice of it. So anyway, I finish registering and I'm waiting for my friend to finish up, I swear they were so close to being done with her and then all of a sudden a mass of people coming storming into the hall toi-toi'ing and shit!! Freaked the shit outta all of this, the advisers all had to stop registering the students because they were threatening to attack us all if we continued. These idiots literally like shut the whole place down. I felt so sorry for all the first years and exchange students that had to go thru all of this, and for all the people that were sitting for so long in the line just to be chased out. Worst part is the police did absolutely nothing. They just stood there and let them carry on... Weak ass idiots. That was my surprisingly interesting day, I tell you there is never a dull moment at UWC...

Peace and love barbz

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