Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 9:00 AM

been a while

I just read my blogs about Caleb and I, and wow we fight alot about stupid ass shit, errmagerrrd. Ok so yeah i havent been blogging alot. 2 reasons, 1. uni has been kicking mt butt... Too many assignments, and 2. My phone slightly died so I'm using my old phone, which sucks so bad, the buttons on here are horrible! Anyhoo, so Caleb and I... Well we were good, but lately he's been speaking to me about his gf more and more, and it's beginning to annoy me, cause I feel like the 'best friend' rather than a person in his life. Last weekend at work we had like an amazeballs time, I've said before when we're together like everything is absolutely perfect, but as soon as we leave things become a bit strained. I actually cant handle the way he says ya and amen to everything his gf tells him to do. Like grow some balls and stand up to her for a changed and stop complaining to me about everything she has you do or everything you are not allowed to do because shes got your damn balls in a cage (and yes I have told him this). So back to last weekend was fabulous, then we just stopped chatting sunday after work. He only texted me again the monday evening to which I did not repky, bc your gat. We barely spoke this entire week, maybe one or 2 messages. So lasat night around 1am he calls me and like wants to have a convo then. Just like mo man, he seemed sorta pissed when I told him I'm going to bed and we can talk in the morning, but his moer also he cant wanna be so annoying man. Anyway I've come to the point of realization that he doesn't love me the he think he does or the way I want him to, so its best for me to actually let go this time round. Its best just to let life run its course.

Anyway, that was a mouth full. Let me get back to work, lol I'll prolly end up blogging again anyways.

Peace and love Barbz

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