Thu, May 1, 2014 at 12:16 PM

hey hey Barbz!!!

It feels like forever since I've blogged. So much, yet also so little has happened.
So campus is kicking my ass, finally have a breather though. All my assignments and tut preps have been given in, so now I'm just waiting for those results and my cam marks, for now its prepping for the exams. Can't waitr for semester break though, OMW that break will be much needed. My phone has been away for repairs for about 2 months now. The mofo's are taking unnecessarily long to not even fix it, they're giving me a bunch of BS answers, and I'm getting really frustrated by their laziness right about now.
Andin other news, Caleb and I broke up again. Well, I broke up with him this time... Not really because I wanted to or 'cause I don't love him anymore or whatever, but 'cause I couldn't deal with the way our relationship was working anymore. For example, he would disappear on me for days and then come back as though nothing happened. I mean thats not a relationship, that just a darn friendship,couldn't deal anymore. There's only so much a person can take. It took me very long while, but I finally realized that things werent gonna change, regardless of what he said. Yeah it took me super long, dont judge kay?
So when we broke up, he argued with me for like a week, till he dropped the bomb on me that he's tranferring to a differet branch. Bare in mind this guy has been arguing with me to change my decision for an entire week. Then he calls me up at 1 in the morning, to argue some more, and then he tells me well we're not going to see each other anymore 'cause he is transferring. At that point I just got mad, 'cause why you gotta play like you care and waste both of our time tryna get me to change my mind when in the end it don't matter 'cause you're making the permanent decision to walk out on us completely, it kinda peeved me off. but ok, what could I do ey.
Anyways long story short, we're okayish now. on speaking terms and stuff, coz its not like we ended on a bad note with us hating each other or something. Haven't seen him in about 2 months. Kinda miss the loser, but okay...
Anyways its a public holiday today, sitting at work bored af. Thankfully I'm off on saterday, 'cause its our dance production... Need this day to fly by, I just wanna go home now, 'cause I'm the only cashier working today, bleh...
My aunt and uncle arrive from Ireland today, expected my uncle not my aunt, was a pleasant surprise. Can't wait to see our bridesmaids dresses... Oh yeah, if I havent told you, my sister is getting married!!! cant wait, shall be epic. Anyways, thats my mouthful for the day :)

Have a fabulous day barbz
Peace, Love & Pineapples

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