Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 6:58 PM

"Haterz" OMG Girlz ft. New Boyz!

Hey, you already know
LoLo OMG Major P New Boyz
We got haterz, we got haterz
Where they at?
Ayooo, oh, there they go
Oh, there they go, there they go, there they go
Aye, aye, aye, aye, heyyy
Let's get it
My momma told me that the fame would bring out all the haterz
I'm busy gettin' money, so I take care of them later
Space A swagged up, steady pilin' tags up
LoLo be stuntin' like what, go head', back it up
I play it cool, but it sucks when you know
I hate so called people ain't your people no more
I'm the same old me, just stackin' up dough
Mo' money, mo' problems, so you already know
We got haterz (Aye haterz, haterz, haterz, aye haterz)
We got haterz (Aye haterz, haterz, haterz, aye haterz)
We got haterz (Watchu lookin' at ,watchu lookin' at ? Huh? Watchu lookin' at,watchu lookin' at? Huh? Watchu lookin' at, watchu lookin' at? Huh? Watchu lookin' at, watchu lookin' at ?)
(New Boyz)
Too many haterz and all of them mistaken'
Bringin' they gang of dogs, well I'm bringing some alligators
And I don't know why you wanna beat on such a player
All up in the Kool Aid and don't even know the flavor
Got haterz and they don't talk now, they talk later
Expecting your boy to fall without recievin' toilet paper
Got dough, got bread, got cheese, got cheddar
OMG Girlz and New Boyz up and that's forever, holla


Young fly girl
OMG Girl been a star since the day I came to this world
Haterz on my right, haterz to my left
Shawty, step
I'm futuristic and in need of no help
Rockin' different colors and curlz in my hair
The boys really wish they could talk, so they stare
The girlz wishin' that they was me, so they hate, that's great
You needa stay on your job cause I'm straight (you see me)
I blowed up, now my pockets growed
Errbody all up on me when I show up, then I be like hold up
Haterz wanna throw up cause' I go so hard
Imma let it stream, sho nuff'
Haterz ain't got nothin' us
We be so fly from the toe up
Wanna see me, get your throw up
Purple shoes and tutus,glitter shirts, yellow nailz
Hate on me, you SOL
(New Boyz)
My steeze is too stupid they see and approve it
If hate is a strong word, why we people use it
Embarrassing themselves, better hide that anger
They be on the web talking mess, iChat bangerz
Like they be cool for a portion of the rap, then start getting outta hand, like scorpion attack
Get it?
Get over here, it's all for you to think about
We don't LOL em' no more, we OMG em' now


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