Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 12:26 AM

Nicki minaj liked my photo

It was the 26th of September and I had been shopping at selfridges when I came across the mac stand with Nicki minaj. She's my hero and so I copied her stance and posted a couple photos on instagram. Anyway since I was 9 I've dreamt of meeting Nicki and so I decided to promote my post on snapchat to my close friends and the snapchat stated: "can my close friend just check m recent post out on insta, i want he to see it. It's highly unlikely and anyways my friends check it out and within 3/4 minutes The real Nicki liked my post. The first thing I did was scream. The second thing I did was explain the screaming to my mum. My mum knows how much I love her and has witnessed my journey and pays for the tickets and merch all my life so she knows how much this meant and then I cried. I was so overwhelmed. Anyway afterwards I sat and thought to myself 'if this isn't a sign from god then what is. My ultimate goal is to meet our queen and that would top it for me. I'll be there Nicki on your next tour, Front Row looking all fly so keep an eye out, MANCHESTER UK????

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