Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 2:22 AM

OPI nail polish

Just entered the OPI nail polish rap contest! Hopefully I;ll be 1 of the winners **fingers crossed** but if not it was still tons of fun just writing my rap entry!
here it is barbzzz and kenzz, tell me whatcha think!

I wont be stayin in no ivory castle
Looking for a prince to lasso
No I gotta get on out I got stay on my goal
Cuz when I show those guys my shade
That purple lilac pink pomegrade-
-nant that’s all he’s gotta have
Before he be looking in the mirror
All like “damn maybe I’d get her if I’d shave!”
And he start wanna saying ay bay bay
He be falling in luv like AY
And we could make love to a rap song
But ONLY if hes nice n long
If not I gotta move right along
Cuz I pay the bills on tyme!
And I be inspirin like Betty Friedindien (Freidan)
In my hot new O P I
Ya man that’s my shade
Cuz pink is part of the alpha bytch wave!

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