Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 2:44 AM

Still Hurting

Ive put my trust in da untrustable just hoping to find him to be true, id forget the things you couldnt do regret the things youve put me through and still im holding on to you, jus wishing our love wont end soon, no ill never ever trust you again because yuh had your other friends, that you had and held hidden so safe now for the rest of our lives i feel misplace, no more can i be in your arm and know that im the only one. Those eyes of yours once told the truth, they now lie, and my heart and soul has been caught by a suprise. Now everytime i hear your name some hurtful thought dance through my brain, but y am i to cry? wen my heart has been told lies, mistreated for some other guys. Thrown away like a garbage bag, passed down like a pair of pants, used up like a can of paint, i mean you used me for all the wrong things. You played with my mind, my soul, and my emotions, biut most of all you was the cause of my heart being broken. You must have been joking wen yuh told me you care for meh too or was that something you meant, biut you couldnt follow through, and you knew i loved you. You still remain in my heart but i think its better if we be apart . Wishing i can find better love, more like a peaceful dove -signed
China <3

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