Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 2:40 PM

More than Musiq

So when im listenin tew Nicki's musiq i get chillz! She goes so hard in every song && putz a little bit of her personality in each one of them! Sometimes i will listen tew her musiq ALL day && just be in my own lil zone!! Its so much more than just musiq tew me. Her lyrics come with life lessons, advice && confidence! That's something that very few artist are able tew accompolish! Shes like a friend whose been thru everything && learned enough about life that nuttin but WISDOM comes from her mouth! She inspires me each && every day! && that tew me is truely PRICELESS! Yew cant put a price on sumtin like that! That's why i am so happii tew support Nicki, Young Money && every thing that they choose tew do! =)

Peace, Love && Nicki
~*Cherry Minaj*~

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