Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 10:41 PM

I Wish I Lived In N.Y And L.A

I Want To Move To L.A Or New York Because Nicki Always Goes To New York and L.A!! If I Lived In New York Or L.A Then I Would Be Going To Every Place That Nicki Was Going To Be At So I Can Meet Her Two Million Times And Take Millions Of Pictures With Her(: I Live In The Bay Area And Nicki Barley Comes Down Here So I Cant Go Follow Her Around And Be With Her Everywhere. If It Was Up To Me, I Would Drive Down To L.A Or Go To New York Whenever She Was There But Im Only 17)): I Cant Wait Until Im 18 So I Can Go To L.A And New York And Be Wherever Nicki Minaj Is So I Can Take Millions Of Pictures With Her And Meet Her Everytime She Is There(:

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