Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 3:07 PM

I make games (Run the would remix)

I must be doing thing right
Cause I'm making you mad

See its bout to be a tragedy
Straight out parody

Cause im pissing on your stratosphere
To make you a little madder,Dear
So why you turning red here

You a nondescripts hoe
not worth nothing hoe

My bars are to seriuos
So this nondescripts cant understand me
I'm braking all wall
So I guess I'm removing all bounderises

See I'm killing them off slowly
Like a fat chick burning calories

I really don't like that fighting shit
I'm just way to cute for that

It's the same
I usually don't play games

I normally make them
usually just fuck them

But i really like this one though
he was really cute though
And he had to go

Oh my baddest calling me
So i got to go

Oh.! Wait
One more thing though
I got to let you know

I got faggit nigga shit on me
And straight nigga hitting on me.!


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