Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 6:01 PM

Nicki's song champion is on replay these days i just love that song

This a celebration, this is levitation
Look at how you winning now?
This took dedication; this is meditation
Higher education; this the official competitor elimination
I-I-I-I was taking trips with Web to move weight
Came back to Queens to hit up a new state
Bitches don't know the half, like they flunk they math
Bitches ain't half cut up crack up in the stash
50 Cent Italian, icy flow
This is that Run-and-Get-a-Dollar-for-The-Ice-Cream-Cone
Cause they killed my little cousin Nicholas
But my memories only happy images
This is for the hood, this is for the kids
This is for the single mothers; niggas doing bids
This one is for Tee-Tee, Tweety, Voila, Sharika
Candace, Thembi, Lauren, Iesha

It's a celebration (Put one in the air for the ghetto, ooh)
It's times like these (Ooh, ooh)
They know who we are by now (They know who we are)
Champion, the champions (Champion, champion)

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