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an entry from every girl's journal

By: CodePink_

i know Nicki doesn't read letters because she said they make her cry but one day i decided to write a letter to Nicki and express how someone i've never spent a day with can touch me as though she's been walking by my side, being my motivation throughout my entire life. often, ppl come for us because we care so much about a lady that "doesn't even know us or care about us." they'll never understand it because they never try to understand it. that's fine with me because in the end, i know why i feel the way i feel and this is why. i call it 'an entry from every girl's journal'

You are the girl that escaped because of your victorious fight. You picked your lock, raced down the far reaching hall, climbed the numerous stairs and disappeared through the door at the top. Time passed as other girls continued picking at their locks while some had long since let the locks defeat them. Some girls leaned against the barricade and smiled softly while endlessly dreaming about life in the world outside of the door that sat at the top of the stairs. A staircase that was merely an untouchable display to them.

Oppressed chuckles and discouraging comments seeped from the corners that were occupied by the girls who had put space in between themselves and the bars that locked them in, separating them from the staircase. Day by day, they refused to tease themselves by dreamily gazing at the staircase that led to the door that could change so much. They sat shaking their heads and growing bitter towards the ones who wasted their time doing just that.

Necks abruptly snapped and those who were zoned out blinked as they were interrupted from their trance by the noise coming from the untouchable display. They blinked at the light that bullied their eyes that was adapted to the dim light they lived in day in and day out. Many began to focus on the door that opened every other blue moon for a girl who would disappear behind it for a period of time only to return by force or defeat, being tossed back into a space back behind bars and falling to the floor broken.

Some still sat in the same spot, craving the freedom of a limitless world they had once gotten a taste of but there was also that bunch who took it for what it was and left the past to be the past, accepting the barricade and its’ purpose. Besides that few, girls from behind the barricades began to draw closer to the bars and peep out at the taps that fell into a rhythm. For some, frowns deepened and for others, smiles spread as they peered at the smiling girl who joyfully hopped from the very last step.

There you stood underneath the light that was shining in from the door that you intentionally left cracked, with a smile on your face and a key in your hand. The key that many had only seen when the bars were slammed and locked.

In this moment, it reversed as you stepped up to the first set of bars of the steep hallway while everyone peered your way. You unlocked the restraint and pulled the bars open then pointed toward the steps before moving on to the next set. You moved gracefully going from one barricade to the next, turning the key in every locket for every girl. You worked your way down the hall, sliding back the bars for smiling faces at the barricade waiting and even for the frowning faces that had retreated back to their dark corners.

You stopped at the last set of bars and forcefully pushed them to the side. You stepped in and reached out your hand, taking the hand of a girl that was on the verge of breaking down because at this very moment, she was arriving at the border of lost hope. You gently tugged at her hand and stepped out into the hall. A smile stretched across your face as you looked around at so many different girls full of so much self-expression piling around you.

You gripped the hand of the broken girl and eased your way out of the circle that slowly broke a part as every girl turned to look at the cracked door that was providing the light of freedom. Without hesitation, you led them down the hall and up the stairs, heading for the door that was once upon a time nothing but a tease.

You are the girl that escaped because of your victorious fight, raced down the far reaching hall, climbed the numerous stairs and disappeared through the very same door that you are now leading all girls through. You are the girl that got your opportunity to escape, got hold of the key, and came back for the rest of us. Thank you.

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    On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:06 PM, Save Me. said:

    That was wonderful,i hope Nicki sees it.

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