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Something Nicki Said...


Nicki said that on her Beam me up Scotty mixtape; it's entitled "Still I Rise." It's one of the many songs that is the soundtrack to my life. I mean when I first heard her say it I was like I'm gone start doing what I like again and that's writing lyrics. Me and my brother started writing raps at the age of 14 and 15; our first rap was a cover to J-Kwon Tispy. Corny?? Yes. Creative?? Yes. But spitting lyrics is something I been passionate about for a long time; I have always received awards for my lyrical writing skills. I can say when I have my first interview and they ask me the question" Who are your influences?" I will gladly reply Nicki Minaj! Why for one: she beats all the odds, she original, creative, True to herself, and most of all NO BODY CAN TOUCH HER AND I MEAN NO-BODY. I mean it's nothing but love for Nicki!!! And one day I plan to collab with her and Young Money. Well I'm going to be a part of Young Money. I haven't been feeling the most happiest person because I feel I'm failing at everything I do; so I was writing and writing and writing listening to Nicki. And she said that verse it like installed something in me cause when she spoke I listened from that day. And from that day I wrote maybe four songs already. So When I make I owe Nicki a lot.... Listening to Nicki Minaj isn't only for my entertainment it's a learning experience for me also. THANK YOU NICKI!!! (Salute)

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