Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 5:36 PM


okay so why are some females some think with yo box ol females like u dirty rat not only do u go get with someone i was recently involved with for yrs and u supposed to be my friend but this is no ex this dude was my bestfriend then after u get with him u find ur way to be the manipulating whore u are and then yall delete me off of all social networks lmao are yall for real yall are too much for my life this female is fake n she needs to step her cookie up scrappin up what i already had and he needs to realize who was there during everything my mom my whole family took his ol broke self in cuz he was my bestfriend hahahahahahahahahahhaa way to go u just cut all ur ties to ne support over here hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

with that sed broke bitches so crusty disgust me hahahahahaha

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