Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 2:51 PM

Pink Friday Vs Black Friday .

Owkai first of all ITS PINK FRIDAY HOE!
I think that this whole beef siruation is really silly, I mean in the PAST Lil Kim was an amazing rapper then everyone forgot about her because she was hybernating or something and then there came Nicki Minaj and she became to baddest b*tch and I think Lil Kim felt threaned by her because she WAS taking over the female rapping buissness. On the whole Nicki Minaj copying Lil Kim, even IF Nicki was copying Kim why would she feel angry about that? I think Nicki Minaj was a fan of Lil Kim but since the whole Lil Kim getting angry over it Nicki Minaj lost respect for her and it is actually a TRAGEDY that the beef thing had to happen cos they could of made some epic tracks together. They're some rumour going round that Nicki Minaj is colaborating with everyone Lil Kim colaborated with (LIES) They werent the only people she colaborated with and MAYBE THEY wanted to work with her rather than the other way round (Not saying Nicki didnt want to work with them).Ermm Lil Kim made Black Friday and I found it quite childish that she made a 5 or 6 minute video on Nicki's "Faws" or whatever I mean grow up. I mean Nicki Minaj done one back at yuh but it was like 1 minute or something cos she dont need 5 minutes to cuss someone cos shes that epic btw Tragedy was awesome Nicki ;D And 'TeamLilKim' AND Lil Kim are saying how Nicki Minaj is all fake and stuff just cos she had plastic surgery..But like at the end of the day if yuh really want to do it and yuh got the money for it go for it, And I swear Lil Kim had surgery on her face? Yeah Nicki does that 'Barbie Voice' which I find so adorable and her accents rock :P
So Haters Remember This #CosItsPinkFridayHoe! ?

Once Again Thanks For Reading This Loooong Blog, Its P*sstake Cos I Know That I've Missed ALOT out :P And Yesss this was ALL writen from a 14 year old and I used MY words, Shocking isn't it :)

BTW This Is MY opinion. NOT Nicki Minaj Lol :P
Lova ya Nicki! Mwahhh ??

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