Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 8:28 PM


I know alot of people hate me in school either because they don't like the fact that if I hate someone I'm not nice to them at all or just to copy everyone else for them to fit in. I really don't care anymore they can hate me till I die. I seem to be the only person thats hated for being themselves. Well f¬ck it' I can't be asked to try and talk to my haters they seem to do it just for the fun on of and it's really childish, Your 13-14 and your still acting 5? Step your cookies up I'm turning 15 next month and I'm more mature that some 18 year old, I mean yes I do have my childish moments but thats depending on who I'm with, How my day went, or how I feel but yous lot seem to be like that 24/7. I'm taking my sexy chick Nicki Minaj's saying "My Haters Are My Motivators" I've even got it on my facebook as my banner with a picture of Nicki Minaj next to it, and it'll be there forever 'cos they are, whenever I've had a bad morning I go to school and put on a big smile and act like my life is perfect cos I know for a fact haters hate it when your happy and they love to see you upset, they have motivated me to be who I am today, A confident, happy, independant young girl so I love my haters, Thank you guys!
P.s Its Barbie Bitches!!!!!!!!!

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