1. maniaka da punk avatar

    On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 9:16 PM, maniaka da punk said:

    its Crzy ima punk rocker hardcore chick PUNX NOT dEAD n fk iluv ms minaj <3 shes fkn obber awsum iseen her inda AMA's iwazsooo happy ppl looked atme lykif imcrzy iwa cheering lyka maniac wen i seen her she waz sitting not to far frm me icud c her blond exotic hair ppl looked at me lykif iwaz lost cuz ihad green hair luking crazy lol abd people are suprise wen itell them nicki is the only female artist ilisten to ilove you iwould love to meet her soo bad my cuzins mom works at dickClark productions shes lykda main hancho deyre ima askher isdeyre anyway icud meet nicki cnt wait ur Dropdead gawjuss

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