Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 10:25 PM

I'm So Nervous : (

Okay, so uh last week we had started the ISAT (Illinois Standard Achievement Test) and this is the last week, which is Math. I really am nervous because Im not really good at math and I know Im not ready to take this test. I really try but the math teacher is always pissing me off and doesnt teach us. I know this sounds like some bull coming from the student but everyone else feels the same way I do about this. All of my friends are scared because they think they'll fail and be sent to remedial math in highschool and so do I. Im really trying but he doesnt know what he's doing. He gave us a worksheet and I was unknown of the shape of triangle on one of the questions. I was like "is this a scalene triangle?" and the bastard gave me a phonecall home. What the fuck did I do? I really need help and some motivation for this test because I really want to pass.

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