Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 8:32 PM

First Blog!

Da Kidz First Blogggggg!
I swear sometimes I just do the most! Like no matter what I'm doing whether I'm writing a blog, twerking in public, or sittin in school it just up doesn't matter I "be doing some dumb shit"! There are these blocks in front of JcPennies and my dumb ass got on top of 'em and was twerking like a fool! I seriously have no care in the world about people's opinions or if they see me doing these stupid things lmao! I even had my cousin take a vine of me twerking on those blocks haha so now strangers are definitely going to see me "doing some dumb shit" #OhDamnWell I just tell 'em "I AM the Queen!" But anyways lmao that's not even what this blog was going to be about, I was going to write about or more literally type about the fact that I'm so excited to see the Get Like Me video because that shit looks like its going to be Poppin' doesn't it? And I can't wait to hear Nicki's verse on Love More that shit sounded AMAZING at the BET awards! I wonder what other features Nicki's sneaky self has in the works RIGHT THIS SECOND! Oh, and I have a few questions I know that it's been rumored that her official third album is going to be called The Pink Print but does anyone know for sure if that's the official album title? Or has Nicki said so herself? I'm also wondering when is this album suppose to drop? All I know is I'm soooooo impatient to hear it! I can already tell this album is going to be fire just like the rest! You just gotta think "It's Nicki so why wouldn't it be?" Haha, sometimes Nicki is so right, her Barbz are SPOILED! Lmao, before I end this I got touch on a few more things! Is it just me, or is anyone else kinda sad that Nicki has been staying away from the crazy wigs and bubblegum bright outfits? I kinda miss that even though I know Nicki says she likes is new look because its grown and beautiful and she is right it is GROWN and BEAUTIFUL but sometimes I want that crazy looking pink haired, big bootied, mother barb to make her appearance but either way I just say ill always love Onika Tanya Maraj and just ride with her no matter what facet of her personality we get to see for the moment because no matter what she does she is always going to be NICKI MINAJ!

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