Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 10:22 PM

Ask Me Something! :D

Ok, I know I've already blogged today and it was a long as blog especially since it was the first blog I've ever written in my entire LIFE! Lol BUT I have like an addiction to this ASK.FM thing so I thought I would make a smaller blog today just to say ASK ME SOMETHING! They are completely anonymous if you want them to be or you can ask them and identify yourself either way is totally fine and no question is of limits! So go ahead and fire away! Lmao I'm addicted to answering these questions people have lmao or just to see what people have to say! Plus if you don't already have an account for ASK.FM it's super quick to sign up and once you do you will be addicted! Lmaoo and no I don't have an endorsement deal with ASK.FM but that would be sooo cool lmao! You know what else would be so cool? If NICKI had an ASK where her Barbz could ask her questions! That would be so cool lmao and being the boss that she is she would prolly get an endorsement too! Someone get word to Nicki and let her know she needs to get one!

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