Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 2:53 PM

For All The People Callin Me A CF

Im Writing this here coz im not pointing fingers at anyone by replying to their tweets!! plus 140 characters are just not enough!! its not that i dont wanna mention the low lifes that called me a CF, i just couldnt be bothered outting the fake team minaj members!!!

So here it goes

you dont fuckin no me and you dont know what nicki means to me, fair enough 50% of my tweets are not directed to nicki but that dont mean im not true to nicki, i have all of nicki's tracks and nicki related stuff and i no all the words to all her songs and adore her but thats besides the point, no one and i mean no one has the right to judge or critizie me and how im dedicated to nicki...

its not the amount of stuff i have or buy or know related to nicki its my unconditional respect loyality and how much i look up to her!

call me what the hell you like a CF fake minaj or whatever im not here for you im here for the one and the only nicki minaj! iv been here since 07 and every thing she does im proud of and every time someone disses her im right on them to correct them even do nicki dont like TM fighting i just cant help havin her back!!

everything she says i do, every advice she gives it sinks in!
and tbh im not naming names but i know a good few so called TM members who aint dedicated TM members!! Im not gonna out them and name names y'all no who ye are and y'all do follow lil kim as well but thats ye and this is me I dont care coz as i said im here for nicki and not ye!! if ye do have a problem with what i say or what i do just go to my twitter page [@DarrynMinaj] and UN-FUCKIN-FOLLOW ME ASAP.. Im Not here to prove myself to any1 but nicki!!

&& Im wrighting this blog as a reply to the mentions on twitter i got last night when TM decided to gang up on other TM's and started been ignorant towards other members!!


Im Not gonna point fingers and out any people that are fake Nicki Knows who they are!!
Im not a STAN im the real FAN

&& Finally If ya got shit to say to me keep it to yourself coz im not interested one bit!! like i said im NOT here for YOU Im HERE for NICKI..........

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