Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 1:21 PM

Stupid Hoe's Hating

Alot of people are hating on Nicki for the “Stupid Hoe” video …. all i gotta say is STFU AND DEAL ! *turns ratchett & ghetto* Bitch,YOU DONT GOTTA FUCKING LIKE THE SONG, DONT GOTTA FUCKING LIKE THE VIDEO, but why dont you like it ? HUH BITCH WHY? Everyone is saying she copying people , ummm, bitch stfu . Nobody is completly original anymore, but when Nicki does something, she gets compared TO EVERYFUCKING BODY . Every time a BLACK artist do something, they get hated on the FUCKING WORST , Nobody made a big rant over Gaga wearing a blue wig AFTER Nicki did it, hmmmmmm , or when Katy Perry started putting diffrent colors in her hair, or how Jessie J stole Nicki’s whole fucking style ! or how Shakira wants to fucking Be Beyonce, nobody wants to fucking point that shit out !! BUT WHEN BEYONCE, OR NICKI does something, everybody wanna compare them to everybody , and quick to say there copying somebody ! stfu,!!! Nicki made the video for fucking fun ! not everybody wanna be soo fucking serious all the time ! NOT everybody is fucking LAURYN HILL ! Nicki Minaj IS Nicki Minaj !! Nicki is her own artist, and her TRUE fans, love and respect her for that, im getting tired of yall SUPERBASS fans, saying shit, yall have no fucking opinon, if you wasnt rocking with Nicki BEFORE 09 your opinon on shit, is IRRELEVANT !


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    On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 1:56 PM, SwagItOutLikeNickiM said:

    You tell em!

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